About us

"the capsule is also
innovation, research and style."

The capsule is also innovation, research and style.

We know this well, as the history of Battistella goes a long way back. Angelino and Filiberto Battistella, engineers of enological machinery and equipment, founded the company in 1948. Battistella has since progressed, specializing in capsules of all types. With elegance and versatility, our capsules help create the identity of your product.  


  • anno-fondazione
    FOUNDEDBearing the family name, Filiberto and Angelino Battistella opened the machine shop, specializing in metal carpentry, repair work, and the creation of agricultural & enological machinery.
  • 1961
    REDIRECT PRODUCTIONThe company drew from its experience in building enological machines and entered the wine industry, with a new, special focus on engineering capsule machines and manufacturing capsules for wine bottles.
  • 1970
    NEW HORIZONSBattistella opens its market to export, progressively expanding its customer base to Europe, North America and the Middle East over the successive years.
  • seconda-generazione
    SECOND GENERATIONThe second generation begins to direct the company, using the family’s knowledge and experience to develop new technology and enhance production.
  • scelta-naturale
    A NATURAL CHOICEA growing concern to reduce its impact on the environment lead Battistella to develop and produce one of the first biodegradable/compostable capsules: BIOCAP.
  • 2000 – today
    TOWARD THE FUTUREThe needs of the contemporary market are constantly growing and changing. Battistella continues to evolve our technology and make advancements in our printing capabilities, in both materials and design methods, to find bigger and better ways to enhance our customers’ brands.

Through the years we have renovated processes and methods of production: from the times
of the first production of pleated capsules to today with the production of heat shrinkable capsules
in PET & PVC and polylaminated aluminum, Battistella has always aimed towards the maximum technical quality
and the ability to propose personalized solutions, thanks to decades of experience in the sector.
From the design of the product to the consignment, we assist the customer during the elaboration of the project,
proposing the method most appropriate for the realization of the capsules, choosing then
from various methods of printing which could be hot stamp, flexograph and/or rotogravure.
Bottle after bottle, elegantly dressed custom tailored.



Battistella was the first Italian capsule producer to attain certification of quality UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008, issued the 1st of June 1999.



The ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that the company is capable of responding efficiently and precisely to the needs of the customer.
A confirmation of the importance we always dedicate to the quality of the product and services.


The certification requires that every capsule produced has specifications on record and a color specification card always available.
In the case of reorders it is possible to share copies of the color tonality measurements, in line with our policy of transparency towards the customer.